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Motorcycle Reference Guide is a 500 page motorcycle encyclopedia. Four sections hold a world of information for motorcyclists. The Motorcycle section features specs and photos for hundreds of models of motorcycles from the 90's. Compare weights, sizes, tires, engines and other details for over 200 models of motorcycles. Super detail in hundreds of large photos show off all the styling features. Check out off-road bikes from makers like KTM, Husqvarna and Cagiva. Sport and touring bikes from BMW, Honda, Ducati, Harley Davidson and others, plus mopeds and scooters. Motorcycle Reference Section

A section for Sidecars shows off specs and photos for sidecars from around the world. Find single seaters and dual seaters, sidecars with a classic style and those with a futuristic design. Large photos along with details and specs on sidecars from dozens of makers from around the world. Sidecars Reference Section

Another section is for Motorcycle Trailers that show cargo and camping trailers from makers worldwide. Dozens of models of trailers are shown with facts and specifications on size, weights, and accessories. Cargo and camping trailers from California, Morgan, Sidewinder, Squire and many other manufacturers.
Trailer Reference Section. Additionally there are details about buying a motorcycle trailer.

There is also a section on motorcycle and transport Museums that include information on times open and location along with great photos of the motorcycle collections. Plus there are sections on magazines and clubs and other information for motorcyclists.

To see the various chapters, Use the tabs in the menu bar or click on the Site Map below. Also check out the Motorcycle Resources for a lot of inhteresting information.

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